It is an indie pop band created by singer, songwriter and producer Joško Klarić. The first official single “Perfect sky” was released in late 2017 in collaboration with Anja Rikalo. The song won several renowned Croatian top charts and brought them to the first major festivals and independent performances.

Apart from the “Perfect Sky”, Ischariotzcky released three more singles from their debut album “Recovery” released in November  2018 for Los Angeles Agency. 

In June 2020 they dropped a new single “Trouble” featuring J.R. August as a starting point of a new album coming out in 2021. 


The name Ischariotzcky comes from the Croatian pronunciation of the surname of the biblical figure Judas Iscariot, which is in Croatia pronounced Iškariotski. The name is there to constantly remind us of betrayal, or to ask ourselves whether there is a person we love and have never betrayed somehow?

After the band Pešes, in 2015 Joško Klarić begins to concentrate more on music production and to create music in his home studio Konoba in Brela. Ischariotzcky started as an incognito electropop solo project whose sound was initially more electronic, although the acoustic elements were omnipresent. At this stage, songs “Gauge” and “Food” were released. 

Over time, the number of songs had increased and within Konoba Sessions began preparations for live performances, together with Jure Brekalo on drums, Jakov Puharić on guitar, Petra Klarić on vocals and Petra Šošić on keyboards. A turning point has been made with the invitation to Demofest in Banja Luka in 2017 and Ischariotzcky started to function as a band officially. The classic band approach complemented by synths, samplings, effected vocals, vocal harmonies, percussions and the brass section, which brings “big bend” approach to performance in moments, created a slightly different picture that defined the first part of the Ischariotzcky cycle. The combination of contemporary and traditional and masterly flirting with genres became a resume of their sound that was first heard live at the Šakan Festival where they debuted in a large composition, after the band has been broaden with Ivan Srzić on a bass guitar, Adam Gvozdenović on the trumpet, Tea Bašković on trombone and Borna Augustinovic on percussion. Something later, today’s band composition was concluded with Stipan Popovic on guitar and Daniel Curić on the trumpet.

The first video single “Perfect sky” which was created in collaboration with the Mostar singer and songwriter Anja Rikalo, was released at the end of 2017. The song was recorded in the Groove studio in Mostar, arrangement was finished at Joško’s home studio Konoba in Brela and the final mix and master was made by Neven Marinac at the Morris studio in Zagreb. The spot for the song was captured by the BONK studio in Orion observatory and atelier of Vice Glibota in Makarska, while Joško is signing the direction and montage. After the single has been released, the band held its first solo concert in the crowded Arte Hall in Makarska, where they presented upcoming album named “Recovery”.

Thanks to the success of the single “Perfect sky”, in 2018 followed an active period with numerous performances of which it is important to highlight the first presentation to the Mostar audience in Croatian national theatre in Mostar, performances at Zagreb Beer Fest and Mostar Summer Fest and, thanks to the INmusic breakthrough competition, winning the main stage of the INmusic festival where they performed alongside world-famous performers such as Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave, Alice in Chains, St. Vincent et al.

Their second single “Nothing at All”, which was mostly recorded at home studio Konoba and then completed in Morris Studio, was released in September 2018, while Neven Marinac was again credited for the mix and master and BONK crew for video by Joško’s script.

On November 15th 2018 Ischariotzcky released their debut album “Recovery” for the Los Angeles Agency which is available in web shops worldwide. Album contains 11 songs where most of them were made in tavern of Joško’s old dalmatian house in Brela, while parts of acoustics instruments were overdubbed in Morris studio. Album was mixed by Neven Marinac who, together with Joško, signs the album production. The album got very good critique and was declared as one of the best Croatian albums in 2018. 

The beginning of 2019 was marked with a release of the new video for their single “So Long” which was created in collaboration with Lovely Quinces and with the promotion of the album at the Tvornica kulture in Zagreb and in the club Kocka in Split. 

The last music video from album “Recovery” is “Mountain theme”. Local legend of a cursed wedding where every guest turned into stone at the moment the bride saw the sea for the first time, was main inspiration for the video. Video is again captured by BONK and directed by Joško.

On June 9th 2020 they released brand new single in collaboration with J.R. August called “Trouble”. The idea for the song came on Brela Music Residency where several musicians worked on new music for five days. J.R. and Ischariotzcky finished it at Konoba. Music video is directed by Alexander Floyd.

On March 8th they released “Commitment” for LAA and Basic & Rough.

Joško Klarić

vocal / keyboards / synth

Jure Brekalo


Petra Šošić

keyboards / vocal

Petra Klarić


Jakov Puharić

acoustic / electric guitar

Stipan Popović

acoustic / electric guitar

Ivan Srzić

bass guitar / saxophone

Borna Augustinović


Daniel Curić


Tea Bašković


Adam Gvozdenović




1. Recovery
2. She told me ft. Juan Conde
3. Food
4. Gauge
5. Looking for my son
6. So long ft. Lovely Quinces
7. Birds
8. Perfect sky ft. Anja Rikalo
9. Mountain theme
10. Nothing at all
11. Basic & rough

TROUBLE ft. J.R. August (Single 2020)

COMMITMENT (Single 2021)


Sixth official music video  made by Goran Stojkić (BONK studio) and Tomislav Dugndžić (Plutons Productions)

Trouble ft. J.R. August

Fifth official music video  made by Alexander Floyd. The great animation about fears and hopes.

Mountain theme

Fourth official music video  made by BONK studio captured on the mountain Biokovo, inspired by the ancient legend “Začuđeni svatovi”. 

So long

Third official music video featuring Lovely Quinces was made by BONK studio in Franciscan Monastery in Makarska with Petra Šošić in a main role. 

Nothing at all

A second official music video taken from album Recovery, made by BONK studio and Joško Klarić. It’s been captured in Brela at the location “Oplovci”, staring by Toma Medić in a main role. 

Perfect sky

First official music video by Ischariotzcky featuring Anja Rikalo has been made by BONK studio and Joško Klarić at the observatory “Orion” in Makarska and at Vice Glibota’s atelier. The main role plays theatre actor Velimir Pšeničnik from Mostar.  

Ischariotzcky – Gauge live @ Arte Hall

Ischariotzcky&Anja Rikalo-Perfect sky:Jam With Friends

Ischariotzcky – Birds live @ PopRock.hr

Ischariotzcky – Basic & Rough live @ Positive concert


Videos made in band’s home studio “Konoba”, where the most of the songs have been made. The place where they are doing recordings and rehearsals. Lot of stuff is going on there every day.

Term KONOBA has been used in Dalamtia for the place where people did all the processing to make wine, olive oil, brandy,…usually full with barrels and instruments used for that purpose. 

Ischariotzcky – Food @ Konoba session

Ischariotzcky – Birds @ Konoba session


21.06.2020. - Let's Rock festival /Fortress of Culture, Šibenik, Cro

13.05.2020. - Live stream show /for Akustika, Zagreb, Cro

15.04.2020. - Live stream show /for club Močvara, Zagreb, Cro

20.12.2019. - Solo concert / Christmas House, Makarska, Cro

27.08.2019. - Solo concert / Kačić square, Makarska, Cro

08.08.2019. - Concert w/ Mary May / Trpanj, Pelješac, Cro

03.08.2019. - Ferragosto JAM 12 / Orahovica, Cro

27.07.2019. - Solo concert Brela Events / Brela, Cro

24.07.2019. - Tam Tam Music Festival / Sućuraj, Hvar, Cro

06.07.2019. - Izvan fokusa - Dnevni boravak / Karlovac, Cro

24.05.2019. - MaFest / Makarska, Cro

29.03.2019. - Kocka club / Split, Cro

23.02.2019. - Tvornica Kulture / Zagreb, Cro

19.02.2019. - Rockmark / Zagreb, Cro

30.12.2018. - Christmas Town / Makarska, Cro

01.12.2018. - Positive concert #14 / Zagreb, Cro

07.09.2018. - Old Town Fest - Red Bull Cliff Diving / Mostar, BiH

20.08.2018. - Toochepin / Tučepi, Cro

30.06.2018. - Mostar Summer Fest / Mostar, BiH

25.06.2018. - INmusic festival / Zagreb, Cro

08.06.2018. - Connextion festival / Makarska, Cro

25.05.2018. - Bike tour / Makarska, Cro

17.05.2018. - Zagreb Beer Fest / Zagreb, Cro

28.04.2018. - 7th Memorial festival Mike / Makarska, Cro

06.04.2018. - Croatian national theatre / Mostar, BiH

26.12.2017. - Theatre Arte / Makarska, Cro

11.08.2017. - Šakan festival / Brela, Cro

20.06.2017. - Demofest / Banja Luka, BiH



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